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Trio Childminder Agency:

Trio know from 20 years of experience as a childminding support and training organisation and previously as registered childminders ourselves that the system of childminding registration can be, to say the least, daunting and fragmented. We therefore wanted to set up an agency that would clearly guide its childminders from day 1, when they first express interest in becoming a Trio childminder. This gives the childminder peace of mind that they understand Trio’s expectations and that through following Trio’s advice they are able to offer a great, quality service to families and their children.

Trio registered as a Childminder Agency in December 2014 and opened the Agency to childminders in March 2016. If you register with us, we will help you with all the business side of your being a self-employed childminder to allow you to concentrate on the most important feature of being a great registered childminder: spending time getting to know each child in your care to ensure you are able to provide everything that child needs to grow and prosper.

As a Trio agency childminder, you will receive two visits from a Trio Childminding Quality Inspector (CQI) annually, with one of these visits being an inspection.  However, rest assured if you are given any actions or recommendations during this visit you will be fully supported to meet these through bespoke training/documentation as required.  You will not have to be independently inspected by Ofsted if registered through ourselves.  You will know and have built up a relationship with your CQI before your inspection takes place.

Trio’s mission is to enable quality childcare. There is nowhere this is more important to us than in our agency. We have clear, transparent monitoring and inspection frameworks that will allow our childminders to see how to improve the quality of the care and education they offer and we have a team of highly skilled and empathetic Childminding Quality Inspectors (CQIs) that will be able to support and guide childminders to develop their practice in order that they can help children flourish.

The role of our CQIs is to:

  • observe and discuss the practice of childminders in their homes (6 monthly visits);
  • assess each childminder using our comprehensive quality inspection framework (annual inspection);
  • plan with the childminder their next steps to enhance practice to improve results for children in their care.

As part of our Agency criteria, we will only register childminders on Trio’s Agency that we consider have the potential to be good or better and we will strive to help them achieve and maintain this – only good is good enough.

If you want to find out more about our Agency and you feel you’ve got what it takes to become a childminder with Trio, contact us at: and we will send you an information pack.

Trio Registered Childminders:

Trio are currently registering childminders in Swindon, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire. We will also consider registering you as an Agency Childminder if you live within a 40 minute travelling distance from Swindon or North Oxfordshire - for example areas of South Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire or south Warwickshire may also be entitled to apply - there is no harm in ringing or emailing to enquire (01793 608833;

To see our currently registered childminders, click here

Trio's Childminder Agency, is registered by Ofsted – registration number CA000005.