Currently across the South West of England in several Local Authorities, Trio have Service Level Agreements to directly support, quality improve, train and develop Registered Childminders and other early years settings. Trio continue to tender for such support services, where we feel this will complement our existing business portfolio and where we are sure that we have the expertise and infrastructure to deliver such service to a high quality, exceeding the requirements of the Local Authority.

Additionally however, for those Local Authorities who provide this support directly within their council resources, Trio offer our bespoke training package, TLC (training, liaison and consultancy), to support you in widening and adapting services to meet government initiatives and your local specific targets. Trio are particularly recognised in enabling Local Authorities and other national organisations to promote and inspire ground breaking, pioneering strategies to value and utilise home-based childcare.

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We are able to provide you with as little as a 1 day consultancy to explore your needs and suggest initial ways to move forward with a priority in your area, or we are able to also contract with you to provide a regular programme of consultancy in relation to a specific development aspect of the early years and childcare workforce e.g: expanding the childminding workforce to meet the growing demand for 2 year old places for vulnerable children.

We are able to offer a consultancy to Children’s Centres, individual nurseries / pre-schools or to nursery chains, for example to assess training requirements and to then deliver the training (existing or tailor made to meet your needs), to advise on how to expand / improve provision or to audit particular aspects of service.