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Trio Childminder Agency

Steps to Registration (with Ofsted)

Online Childminder Registration Course

Classroom Childminder Registration Course

Trio Childminder Agency:

We registered with Ofsted as a Childminder Agency in December 2014 and opened our doors to registering childminders in late March 2016. If you are interested in finding out more about registering with Trio to become a Childminder, please click here

Steps to Registration (with Ofsted):

Trio has developed a guide to help explain the generic childminder registration process with Ofsted or what to possibly expect if using a childminder agency (CMA) instead.  Please read our 'Steps to Registration' document about the process. 

If you have questions about the DBS checks, GP health check, which order you need to do things, etc, again please read our Steps to Registration booklet linked above.

Every council varies greatly in the information and support they provide, which we are not able to cover in the guide.  You will still need to obtain further 'local' information about the process of becoming a Registered Childminder.  At the very least this needs to include information on local child protection/safeguarding courses and guidance what the council's involvement will be once you are Ofsted registered.  To find out where to obtain/attend local childminder briefing information, call your Council or Family Information Service and tell them you want to become a childminder. 

For those who have already been briefed by their local council, now will be a suitable time to look at arranging your various training courses, and preparing your DBS and health checks.  If you don't feel confident how to go about this, please review the information received from your local council, and also see if the above 'Steps to Registration' document helps as well.

Online Childminder Registration Course

(most councils tend to call this by various other names)

Our online childminding registration course, purchased on this link, satisfies Ofsted's criteria as a childminder course by introducing you to the EYFS and a generic introduction to child protection/safeguarding (you will still need to do other additional courses as advised by your local council).  Other elements in our course includes business and finances, marketing, working with parents and other agencies, etc.

Our course is competitively priced, and includes the digital materials needed to learn from and pass the course.  The price also includes our Trio Childcare completion certificate which will be emailed to you immediately when your coursework passes assessment, and can then be used as evidence for your Ofsted childminder registration application.

Further details and course booking available here

Classroom Childminder Registration Course:

We are currently not running any classroom courses. Details will be posted here if any classroom courses become available (please note - no classroom courses are currently planned).  If you are eager to be trading as a childminder as soon as possible, we strongly advise to book onto the online course above instead, or enquire with your local council about any other local training providers who may be delivering classroom courses in your area.

If are a local authority or other organisation wanting either a classroom or distance learning led course for 5 or more confirmed learners, you are welcome to contact us to discuss what else we might be able to offer.