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Becoming a Registered Childminder:

Whether you want to be an Ofsted or Agency Registered Childminder, please see How to become a registered childminder for our Steps to Registration guide and a link to our childminding registration course.

Trio Childminder Agency:

Trio know from 20 years of experience as a childminding support and training organisation and previously as registered childminders ourselves that the system of childminding registration can be, to say the least, daunting and fragmented. We therefore wanted to set up an agency that would clearly guide its childminders from day 1, when they first express interest in becoming a Trio childminder. This gives the childminder peace of mind that they understand Trio’s expectations and that through following Trio’s advice they are able to offer a great, quality service to families and their children.

Our childminders commit to a minimum of 20 hours training a year, are visited twice a year (one of these visits being an inspection) and are only registered if we believe they have the potential to be good. This gives parents peace of mind in choosing a Trio Childminder to care for their child.

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Trio's Childminder Agency, is registered by Ofsted – registration number CA000005.

Independent Registered Childminder Membership:

Trio have developed a range of membership packages to help independent Ofsted registered childminders to meet the requirements of the EYFS:

To view the different available plans on our "MyTrio" website, please click here 

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Other support available to purchase through our shop includes:

Local Authority Contracts:

Trio currently have service level agreements with a number of Local Authorities to directly support, quality improve, train and develop Registered Childminders.

Local Safeguarding Children Board details:

To find your Local Safeguarding Children Board, find your council and do a search for Safeguarding Children.